Chasing Gold Paintings - stevepottenger

Chasing Gold

Artist Statement

Although I have captured athletes in tens of thousands of photographs, my paintings translate the photorealistic world into a patchwork of abstract organic shapes, textures, and rhythmic lines. The early twentieth century art nouveau movement inspires much of the ornate style and muted colors. The limited palette and careful juxtaposition of elements blur subject and background to convey the one-ness athletes have with their environment. This work portrays real athletes competing in Minnesota events. The details created with layers of reflective metallic paint invite viewer movement to discover all the nuance within.

During my experience as a sports photographer I've known a wide range of athletes from recreational to Olympic level, but their universal determination to perform provides inspiration that transcends sports. Becoming what you believe you can be, living purposefully, sacrificing for greater good, and confronting fear are underlying themes of their competitive experiences. Chasing Gold is  a celebration of athletes who willingly accept these challenges and the journey they take to complete them.